lauren midwinter's style of narrative film is often laced with dark humour, with an eye to turn the conventional on its head. lauren is currently working on several shorts & her first feature film.


damned spot

Desperate to regain control after a heartbreaking event Shakespeare’s most formidable couple becomes fixated on the future.  Presented with a golden opportunity and driven by mind-altering grief, love and instinctive ambition they commit the worst act imaginable. 

Lauren's latest film project Damned spot is an adaptation of several scenes of MacbethTO VIEW FULL LENGTH FILM PLEASE CONTACT THE STUDIO.



Inspired by Chris Marker's 'La Jetee', Close is Made entirely from 35mm black and white stills Close examines the mindset of heartache. 



"We loved Cake" - MAC Birmingham  

A 1990's documentary-style dark comedy about one young entrepreneurs love of baking and pharmaceuticals.  BEFORE CUTESY CUPCAKES BECAME FASHIONABLE, THERE WAS CAKE.

Cake was shortlisted for the ASFF short film award.


Pushing Mundane

Dark comedy about middle class Britain.  

Pushing Mundane premiered at the Curzon Cinema Soho.