We Exist

David Wilson's video for Arcade Fire's 'We Exist' is one of my favourite music videos from last year (along with Andrew Douglas' video for Jake Bugg's 'Messed Up Kids' which I have previously blogged about) 

The song itself has a very distinctive message and atmosphere and Wilson has caught this in the video to a tee. It is carefully crafted, beautifully joyous and keeps you watching to the end, which for a 6min music video is no mean feat. It stars Andrew Garfield, who gives a sensitive and warm performance and he is choreographed by the wonderful Ryan Heffington (who had choreographed videos for Sia and one of my all time favourite videos - Sigur Ros' 'Fjögur píanó' by Alma Har'el - but that's for another post). When I'm in LA this year I am heading to SWEAT SPOT Ryan Heffington's dance studio as I've heard he takes a Sunday class there - it's got to be good!