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Rescoring 'Drive'

Reviewing BBC RADIO 1's rescore of Nicolas Winding Refn's cult film 'Drive'.

"There were some lovely moments in the Drive rescore but at times it felt like the music was holding the audiences hand and telling us where to go and what to feel rather than supporting the action."

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A director’s embarrassment packaged in a Kickstarter voiceover.

My first experience of a Kickstarter campaign.

"Kim, an actor, sent me hers and it became very clear, very quickly, who was the pro and who sadly should stay well and truly away from any recording device. For all time. Kim was clear, precise and on pointe each take. I'm sure it didn't take her 45 mins...maybe 30? No? Okay."

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The Clash - music & period

"Period drama is exactly that, a dramatisation of a period, it isn't a history lesson nor should it be.  Like with all visual media the job of the period drama is to tell a story, full stop."

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What is this blog all about?

I have folders full of torn out magazine pages, postcards, photocopies and scraps I have picked up, anything that has inspired an idea or that I have thought was a good thing to keep for future work.  I look through these books every time I collate ideas for a project.  I work online all the time so I wanted to do a similar thing for all my digital collections too.

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