What is this blog all about?

I have folders full of torn out magazine pages, postcards, photocopies and scraps I have picked up, anything that has inspired an idea or that I have thought was a good thing to keep for future work.  I look through these books every time I collate ideas for a project.

I work online all the time so I wanted to do a similar thing for all my digital collections too.  Even though sites like Pinterest and apps like Evernote really help I use them more for when a project is in production.  I wanted a place that I could pop up a range of material, so that I could see it altogether and jumbled up, similar to my idea books.  So to be honest this blog originated mainly, very selfishly, as a source for all my random digital bits and pieces.  However I then realised that just as I read other people's blogs to gain inspiration and creativity, that maybe someone might find my scrappy ramblings useful.

Lauren Midwinter

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