Beautiful Messed Up Kids

I'd heard the song on the radio and not really thought much about it, it's a grower, and now I can't get enough of Jake Bugg's 'Messed Up Kids'.

I saw the video first on Nowness and fell in love with the art direction.  The pacing of shots and edit contrast so well with the music and the additional variations of pace within the frame itself makes the film both beautiful and sad.

JAKE BUGG - "Messed Up Kids" from Andrew Douglas on Vimeo.

Produced by Untitled, JJ Stereo's music video production arm and brilliantly directed by Andrew Douglas the footage was shot on an electronic tracking vehicle by Justin Brown, circling the tableau at 25 mph (check out Brown's other work, he is amazing).  The footage was then expertly dissected by editor Sam Ostrove of Cut + Run to pull out the detail.

I liked that no one but Bugg (who only appears at the start and the end) looks at the camera making it feel like you're watching a rounded story rather than just observing a moving picture.

After watching it I had one of those "I wish I'd made that" moments, I'd be dead proud if I had.