Moving Portraits

SHOWstudio is one of my favourite sources of inspiration.  Always keen to break boundaries and develop work with new technology I love searching their site.  

Recently they have featured 'Moving Portraits' a piece by Clive Booth, looking at fashion designer Henry Holland.  It provides a lovely insight into the designer's personality.

The film is constructed with a great narrative and the visuals are beautifully crafted and graded, the film doesn't feel like an interview, it feels, as the title suggests, like 'A Moving Portrait'. Wonderful visual storytelling. 

As always SHOWstudio shows you around how the film was made with details of the post-production workflow, interviews with the editors and audio mixers and behind-the-scenes pictures.  What I found really interesting was Clive Booth's treatment.  You don't often get to see other director's treatments so it was great to look at how he constructs his.  It flows very concisely, is full of detail and ideas.  I have definitely picked up some tips for constructing my own treatments.  Please follow the link below and take a look at all the resources.

SHOWstudio - project - 'Moving Portraits'