Lauren Midwinter is a director working in narrative film, fashion and branded content.

Her films are marked by an inherent need to tell the story of the unexpected. Encouraging an audience to see a different side to the conventional, Lauren's films offer delicate but unsettling imagery with an eye for exploring the idiosyncratic.

Shortlisted for the British Fashion Council's Fash/ON Film Award and Triumph's Women in Making, Lauren's love for visual shape, design and clothing show through in her fashion and branded content work. Her work in this genre is screened in flagship stores in Shanghai, Beijing and online, including being shown on prestigious blogs like Diane Pernet's ‘A Shaded View of Fashion’.

It is unsurprising that art plays a large role in Lauren's films, her work has not only been screened at film festivals but also in art galleries including the MAC Birmingham.

Lauren's work is underpinned by her classical training as a director by Di Trevis at Drama Centre London, Central St. Martins, which involved, along with film directing, theatre, opera and radio directing. 

One of Lauren's key skills is her experience working with performers and interviewees; in fact it is one of her favourite elements of directing.  

With a hands on process she is in control of all artistic aspects; from concept to shooting and post production.  Collaboration is key and she loves developing ideas with clients and crew.

Lauren has assisted numerous directors and worked internationally. 

Currently Lauren is working on several short films and her feature film which looks at the misconceptions of modern mental health, she is also excited about working on digital content with upcoming fashion houses.

If you have a question or are interested in working with Lauren you can contact her here